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Virtual events for portfolio growth - MEETYOO

Grow your agency’s portfolio with virtual events

Virtual and hybrid events are the future. Our product is a market-proven premium solution and an all-in-one virtual event platform. Grow your agency’s portfolio and future strategy by going virtual with MEETYOO's virtual event platform and maximize your creativy and engagement.

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Virtual events by a team who cares

Outstanding virtual and hybrid events with all the service you need and a peace of mind guarantee.

Unique immersive virtual venues - MEETYOO
Make it unique

Cater to your clients’ requirements with 100% custom designs including unique color themes and backgrounds, spaces for banners, logos, sponsors, and virtual booths.

Innovative virtual events - MEETYOO
Make it innovative

Let the interactive click-through environments tell your clients’ stories and offer them an engaging and innovative way to present their content.

Virtual safety and security - MEETYOO
Make it safe

 ISO-certified and fully GDPR-compliant. Our software exceeds the security requirements of multinationals, banks, and federal offices, and does not require any downloads of apps or additional software.


Premium features for virtual event partners

As our partners, agencies can leverage the full power of our event platform and premium digital features.

Stable virtual event platform - MEETYOO
Stable high-performance platform
Unlimited events and up to 50,000 simultaneous live participants per event allow you to create digital experiences without any lag.
Premium web streams - MEETYOO
Premium web streams
In-house webcasting tool with full integration, customization and intuitive management of Q&As, live surveys, and speaker presentations.
Virtual event venue setup - MEETYOO
Virtual event venue setup
The intuitive admin interface allows you to create individual digital events for yourself or your clients with outstanding training and technical support.
A/V production support - MEETYOO
A/V production support
We offer encoders for streaming locations and provide A/V production support by our professional tech team for larger studio productions.
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Intuitive virtual event experiences

Offer intuitive and immersive opportunities to engage with large international audiences with our virtual event platform.

Virtual exhibition areas - MEETYOO
Exhibitor areas
Virtual exposition halls with digital booths, staff avatars, integrated multimedia library, and a video screen for image films and product presentations.
Simultaneous web streams - MEETYOO
Simultaneous streams
Multiple parallel auditoriums can be included for webcast streams for panels, keynotes, interviews, and live discussions set with unique designs and branding options for sponsors.
Virtual networking - MEETYOO
Networking opportunities
Multiple networking opportunities like text and video chats for private, public, or small groups, workshops, multi-speaker panel discussions, round-tables, lectures, and private breakout sessions to engage your visitors.
Virtual engagement - MEETYOO
Engage beyond webinars
Endless interactive features within the clickable event environment. Use functions such as polls, live Q&A sessions, event rallies for gamification, and audience feedback forms.
Interactive agenda - MEETYOO
Interactive agenda
The integrated agenda tool includes a live notification system for upcoming sessions and helps increase participation rates.
Registration management - MEETYOO
Registration management
Our sophisticated registration pages incorporate a system featuring single sign-on (SSO) and 3rd party integrations for full flexibility.
Multi-language support - MEETYOO
Multi-language support
Our platform and registration pages support around 50 different languages. Real-time translations of keynotes via 3rd party providers can be booked additionally.
Detailed reports - MEETYOO
Detailed reports
Optimize the positioning of your customers and the event journey of your participants with our standard and individual event reports, and help your clients and sponsors elevate their ROE.
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What our partners have to say about us

WEKA Logo - Official MEETYOO Partner


“MEETYOO saved our own event in the middle of the lockdown and we were hooked immediately. We didn’t just want to be customers, we wanted to become partners and use this first-class, high-performance platform. Almost a year has passed and we have not regretted our decision at all.”

Beatrice Schmidt, Executive Manager
WEKA Industrie Medien GmbH, Austria



“This is a great opportunity for people with event experience who are looking to expand digitally. We are happy to be a part of your wonderful team. It’s indeed a huge chance for everybody involved.”

Andre Minier, CEO
Standesign A/S, Denmark

Recyclapolis Logo - Official MEETYOO Partner


“For Recyclapolis foundation, it was one of the great decisions to make an alliance with meetyoo. The Chilean market and our customers are happy with the platform. We expect to make 100% more events in 2021.”

Fernando Nilo, President & Founder
Fundación Recyclápolis

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