Design-driven Webcast Experience

Discover the Perfect Fusion: MEETYOO Theater blends the cutting-edge technology of MEETYOO Show with the comprehensive features of MEETYOO Pro. Step onto the virtual stage and experience the difference for yourself.

  • Custom Branding: Showcase your brand in a beautifully branded virtual environment, ensuring a cohesive and professional experience for your audience.

  • Immersive Engagement: Interact with your audience like never before, with live Q&A sessions, interactive polls, and dynamic audience participation features.

  • Networking Opportunities: Foster meaningful connections among attendees with private 1:1 chats and a collaborative chat wall, promoting engagement and interaction throughout the event.

  • On-Demand Accessibility: Turn your event into a 24/7 media hub, allowing your audience to access content at their convenience and ensuring maximum reach and impact.

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What Sets Us Apart

MEETYOO Theater isn’t just another platform – it’s a complete virtual experience tailored to your needs. From live Q&A sessions to interactive polling, we offer a suite of features designed to engage your audience and leave a lasting impression.

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Discover the Perfect Fusion
MEETYOO Theater represents the pinnacle of virtual event technology, seamlessly merging the innovative capabilities of MEETYOO Show with the robust features of MEETYOO Pro. Step onto the virtual stage and immerse yourself in an unparalleled experience that redefines the way you engage with your audience.
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Custom Branding
Make a lasting impression with custom branding that reflects the essence of your brand. From branded landing pages to personalized agendas, MEETYOO Theater ensures a cohesive and professional experience for your audience, elevating your brand presence to new heights.
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Immersive Engagement
Engage your audience in meaningful dialogue with live Q&A sessions, interactive polls, gamification and dynamic audience participation features. Whether you're delivering a keynote presentation or hosting a panel discussion, MEETYOO Theater empowers you to captivate your audience and spark meaningful conversations.
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Networking Opportunities
Facilitate networking and collaboration with private 1:1 chats and a collaborative chat wall. Encourage attendees to connect, share ideas, and build relationships in real-time, fostering a sense of community and engagement throughout the event.
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On-Demand Accessibility
Extend the lifespan of your event with on-demand accessibility, allowing your audience to access content at their convenience. With MEETYOO Theater, your event becomes a 24/7 media hub, ensuring maximum reach and impact long after the curtains close.
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Remote Virtual Studio

Our studio offers a seamless and cost-effective solution to enhance your presenter's journey and create captivating audiovisual productions. Imagine integrating remote studio setups with dynamic green screen backgrounds, enabling webcam streams and video recordings to reach new heights of engagement.

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Explore the Possibilities

Discover the versatility of MEETYOO Theater through a variety of dynamic use cases. Whether you're hosting a large-scale conference or an intimate training session, our virtual theater provides the perfect platform to elevate your event experience. Explore how MEETYOO Theater can transform your next event:

MEETYOO Theater Keynotes
Keynote Presentations

Deliver impactful keynotes that captivate your audience with high-quality audiovisual production and custom branding, creating an immersive and memorable experience.

MEETYOO Theater Conferences and Summits
Conferences and Summits

Host large-scale virtual conferences and summits, complete with multiple speakers, breakout sessions, and interactive networking opportunities, replicating the dynamism of physical events.

MEETYOO Theater Product Launches
Product Launches

Introduce new products with a splash using MEETYOO Theater’s high-definition streaming, interactive features, and personalized branding to engage potential customers and stakeholders effectively.

MEETYOO Theater Trainings
Training and Workshops

Conduct engaging and effective training sessions and workshops with interactive tools like polls and Q&A, ensuring participants remain actively involved and informed.

MEETYOO Theater Corporate Communications
Corporate Communications

Enhance internal communications with virtual town halls, company updates, and team meetings, fostering a sense of connection and transparency across your organization.

MEETYOO Theater Education and Webinars
Education and Webinars

Deliver educational content and webinars to a global audience with ease. On-demand access allows participants to revisit material at their convenience, ensuring maximum reach and knowledge retention.

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Our Customers Love Our Live Streaming

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“We were particularly impressed by the tailor-made solutions, the personal 1: 1 support, the appealing look and the intuitive user operation. At the same time, MEETYOO was able to guarantee the technical stability as well as a high security standard for our data. For us, this will also be a real alternative to face-to-face events in the future - it's a shame that we only found out through Corona.“

Lilo Pabst, Internal Communication Consultant
AOK Plus

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"Our clients were enthusiastic about the webcast and we were enthusiastic, that means this format [...] is certainly something that we will do again very soon."

Björn Stressenreuter, Managing Partner
MRH Trowe

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"We became MEETYOO customers thanks to excellent consultations that respected our needs. The personal advice and assistance during the event made our webcast a success."

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