Totally feature worthy.

Have an in-depth look at MEETYOO Go’s functionality that make your event unforgettable.


Visual Editor

MEETYOO Go provides you with a powerful visual WYSIWYG editor, so your event takes shape quickly.

Individual Branding

Make sure your brand gets recognized and apply logos and brand colors on customizable elements throughout your entire event.

Template based event environments

Use appealing 3D like designs that bring your event to life and are rendered into 2D to run smoothly on every computer.

On Demand Webcast

Missed a livestream? No problem. Give your audience access to past webcasts so they never miss out.

Always On Venue

Transform your event into a virtual office or an "always on venue" where visitors can have 24/7 access to.

Bullet-proof Stability

Our technical infrastructure provides the stability to handle dozens concurrent large-scale events with thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

Individual registration page

Create appealing registration pages for your visitors.

Live Webcast

Start a live webcast via webcam.

Slide Presentation

Present your ideas and content with slides to your audience. (PDF support)

100% Browser based

Your event, as well as our event editor, work entirely in the browser. No need to download any additional software.

File Handout

Give access to additional downloadable material in booths across your event venue.

Participant Contact

Enable networking among participants by having access to contact details from participants of your event.

Up to 50.000 participants

MEETYOO Go supports events up to 50.000 participants.

Analytics & Reporting

Get in-depth reports in the performance of your event.


Keep the conversation going with our integrated chat function. You can also create multiple chatrooms for different purposes.

Event Agenda

Structure the schedule of your event with our easy to use agenda planner.

Booth Configuration

Customize booths by adding logos, background videos and informational content.

Integrated Video Chat

Get in touch face to face with participants with our integrated video chat functionality.

Security & Data Privacy

Security & Data Privacy comes first. We are ISO-certified and our platform is fully GDPR-compliant.

Participant Mailing

Stay in touch with your audience before, during and after the event with our integrated mailing editor.

Account Management

Manage multiple accounts that are working on one event.

Chat & Email Support

For any matter, reach out to us via Chat or Email Support. We're happy to help!


Get to hear your audience opinion with our integrated polls functionality.

Screen Sharing

There's more stuff to show? Just share your screen with the audience.

Booth Avatar

Be more approachable by adding a photographic avatar of you or somebody else behind booths.


Keep your audience curious by creating insightful Q&A sessions during webcasts.

Breakout Rooms

Host real-time videoconferencing for up to 30 participants.

You can do everything yourself.
But you don’t have to.

Say hello to MEETYOO Pro and lay back. Our full managed service solution that tailors your envisioned event to your needs.

Full Managed Service

With MEETYOO Pro you get your own dedicated project manager who takes care of the entire online event setup process.

Custom Event Design

Have a specific look for your event in mind? Tell us about it and we'll create your envisioned custom event environment.

On Site Studio Broadcast

Go beyond webcam livestreams and have dedicated on site technical support when broadcasting from studio environments.

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