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Virtual event auditorium for digital event webcasts.
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Virtual event auditorium for digital event webcasts.
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MEETYOO Go at a glance

MEETYOO Go is the all-in-one solution for virtual event creation. Impress your audience with immersive 3D like environments that can be equipped with interactive features such as chats, webcasts, video conferencing and exhibitor booths.

Virtual event editor with 3D like environments

3D like environment

Impress your audience with lifelike event environments from our venue design library and use our visual editor to further customize it with your branding.

Interactive Webcast functionality for digital online events.

Interactive Webcasts

Deliver live or pre-recorded keynotes to up to 50.000 participants at the same time. Include Q&A, polls, live chats to create a real interactive experience.

Digital platform for Virtual showfloors and exhibitions

Your showfloor

Showcase products at customizable trade fair booths. Engage with interested prospects in 1-1 video chats and use the booth as an always-on virtual showfloor for consultation intense solutions.

Virtual event platform with high security and privacy standards

Security & Privacy

We are ISO-certified and our platform is fully GDPR-compliant. Our software exceeds the security requirements of multinationals, banks, and federal offices.

Ways to use MEETYOO Go

From a quick workshop to a multiday tradeshow. MEETYOO Go offers the flexibility and tools needed to exactly create your envisioned event.

Online platform for tradeshows and exhibitions.

Tradeshows & Exhibitions

Organize tradeshows and exhibitions that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Let exhibitors showcase their products and services in a modern way to potential customers.

Auditorium tool for digital conferences and webinars.

Conferences & Webinars

Keep the conversation going with engaging conferences and webinars. Involve the audience with Q&A sessions, polls and live chats to create a real interactive experience.

Virtual workshops and roundtables feature.


Dive into specific topics by organizing efficient workshops that go beyond regular zoom calls and captivate your audience. Make them highly interactive and encourage collaboration among the participants.

Metaverse and virtual office space.

Virtual Office

Turn your event into an "always-on" venue like a virtual office that is accessible 24/7. Make it a central meeting point for colleagues and business partners.

How your event could look like...

Welcome your visitors in an appealing lobby and give them an initial orientation of what to expect at your event.

Virtual main hall and lobby for events and conferences.

The stage is all yours. Use the auditorium as the meeting point for exciting presentations, talks and more. It is where all of your webcasts take place.

Virtual event auditorium for digital event webcasts.

Use customizable booths with staff representatives and give brands the perfect opportunity to present their products and services in the best light.

Highly customizable virtual booth with logo and video panels.


Virtual auditorium with interactive communication features.
3D Design Templates
Interactive Webcasts
Brand & Sponsor Visibility
Reporting & Analytics
Fully browser based.
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Bring your event to life with our customizable 3D based design templates.
Virtual event platform with 3D-like template based environments.
Offer engaging webinars with live chats, polls and Q&A sessions for up to 50.000 participants.
Interactive webcasts with screen sharing, chat, q&a and polls.
Customize your event environment with logo panels, key visuals and sponsor placements.
Virtual booth with brand and sponsor placement.
Our comprehensive reports and in-depth visitor statistics are ideal for processing user data and follow-up campaigns. Examine the success of your digital event and generate marketing qualified leads for your clients while increasing your ROI.
Virtual event reporting with multiple analytics and performance metrics.
Our event editor, as well as your envisioned event work entirely in the browser. Because downloads are so yesterday.
Browser-based digital event solution.
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What others are saying

With MEETYOO Go, you can actually easily create your own digital event in no time. The user interface allowed us to customize the chosen design templates to our needs in real time. This solution was great and doesn't require in-depth programming knowledge. It's a 'DIY' experience with an integrated expo and lots of interactive features that are great for engaging our online visitors.

Peter Grundmann
RISER ID Services GmbH

Red Mundo Atlántico has used the MEETYOO Go platform to carry out the MOBILE WEEK OURENSE 2021 with remarkable success of participation and highlighting its ease of access. MEETYOO Go has been for RED MUNDO ATLANTICO its first phase of the metaverse. Friendly, functional and very prepared for events.

Guillermo Taboada
Red Mundo Atlántico


Virtual event solution with high monetization capabilities.


With MEETYOO Go you can maximize your event ROI. Easily include multiple sponsor placements. Generate high-quality leads at your product booth. Acquire visitors and re-engage audiences via email automation.

Virtual event reports for lead scoring and ROI.

Lead Scoring

Our high-end reports offer in-depth statistics and records of all user activity. Examine the success of your event and generate marketing-qualified leads for your clients while increasing your ROI.

Time saving digital event solution.

Time Saving

With virtual events you have huge time savings compared to the planning and execution of face-to-face events. Profit from low cost, less involved manpower, more planning flexibility, and faster time to Go Live.

Effective and sustainable digital event platform.


Studies have shown that moving from face-to-face to virtual events can reduce carbon footprint by 94% and energy consumption by 90%. Going digital with your event means less business travels - making them the most environmentally friendly event solution.

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What is MEETYOO Go?
What is MEETYOO Go?
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What is MEETYOO Go?
What is MEETYOO Go?

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Browser-based digital event solution.