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With our top-class mobile User Interface and User Experience, you can enhance your virtual and hybrid event by allowing your audience to tune in from anywhere. With this new feature, you will be extending your event’s digital reach without losing any engagement. Give your audience the flexibility of listening to keynote speakers while in the car, on a walk, or just moving around the house. The mobile experience is already included within MEETYOO Pro, Show and Go by default. This means that livestreams, links and registrations, as well as the interface and virtual environment adapt automatically to the size of any mobile device with our responsive design.

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Mobile Experience Features

Give your audience an effortless experience even on mobile devices. Rooms, chats, videos, and booths are just as easy to use on mobile devices as on desktops. With these intuitive features, you can provide your audience with the flexibility they are looking for while attending your event.

Navigation and Layout - MEETYOO mobile experience
Navigation and Layout
The new mobile experience does not sacrifice your design while still clickable on most screens; on the smallest devices, we default to a breakpoint-based view with collapsible menus for ease of use. The top-class mobile UI and UX can be seen in landscape mode and with dashboards. All attendees' actions (such as chat rooms and more) and all content are available via a mobile browser, so they can fully participate in your event like any other visitor.
Mobile halls - MEETYOO mobile experience
Mobile Halls
When an attendee enters the hall, they will have access to all their options for the event via a listing menu. This encourages flow from room to room.
Streaming and auditoria - MEETYOO mobile experience
Streaming and Auditoriums
Get the same quality streaming capabilities on mobile as on desktop. The mobile version of auditoriums also allows for participant interactions and navigation options. Attendees can change the size of the video and browse through the event agenda, Q&A, polling, and chat wall.
Mobile booths - MEETYOO mobile experience
Mobile Booths
Mobile booths display the elements in a list to enhance engagement, networking, and access to content. This makes it easy to navigate for both exhibitors and sponsors. Direct chat is made easy - just like texting! Exhibitors can also download all the content they are interested in and this is all recorded for the reports later on too.
Networking - MEETYOO mobile experience
The mobile experience offers a search function for matchmaking which allows easier personalization and profiling for the event visitors to easily find the participants and booths of interest.
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Advantages of the mobile experience for virtual events 

Put your audience first. When using the MEETYOO platform for your virtual event, means you are making sure that your visitors are having the best experience possible. With our mobile experience, you are giving your audience the flexibility they want, allowing them to attend the event when they want, where they want, and how they want. 

Mobile Advantages - MEETYOO mobile experience
  • Better participant presence in the event
  • Hybridization to allow interaction between physical and virtual
  • Third-party Integrations
  • More advertisement possibilities
  • Improved mobile experience through high-class mobile User Interface and User Experience 
  • Responsive design and better visualization. 
  • Allows participant mobility
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