L'Oréal uses virtual event to find new talent

L'Oréal decides to go virtual to recruit talent from around the world. 

L'Oreal TA Booth

“The collaboration with MEETYOO was a pioneering experience and rewarding to work on. We enjoyed the team spirit of MEETYOO during the project, from design to delivery.” 

— L’Oréal TA LAB Representative


L’Oréal’s Talent Acquisition (TA) team wanted to invite their entire TA community to their TA LAB event while maintaining the level of personal care they are known for.


L’Oréal was able to do this by going virtual with MEETYOO Pro where they offered engaging workshops, live presentations, networking opportunities, and much more.


Not only did they save costs and reduce emissions by cutting travel, but they also quadrupled their attendance rate compared to previous years. 

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The engaging week resulted in over 60 topics discussed in keynotes, attendance from 50 different countries, and 10 hours of daily chat availability by the TA International team. 

Participants left feeling inspired and engaged. This feedback was a result of solely focusing our digital event on L’Oréal’s primary needs: creating an interactive, flexible and personal experience.



L’Oréal's key requirements for their virtual platform

Personal Touch
Personal touch

At L’Oréal, the people make all the difference. They needed to serve their team members with enthusiasm, support, and the ability to collaborate depending on their individual needs. Being able to implement matchmaking and flexibility with different timezones made the event very personal. 


They needed a user-friendly interface that inspired participation and learning which they achieved with engaging keynotes and chats. 


Being able to connect with one another was one of the biggest takeaways from the event. The l’Oréal team wanted to get a good connection with those coming to the platform and this was made possible with the forums, networking areas, and feedback survey. 

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