Premium Webcast Streaming

Engage Your Audience, Elevate Your Content: We redefine webcasting with premium streaming quality and a managed service model designed to support professional and complex productions.

  • Scalable Audience Size: Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a massive event with 100 to 50,000+ viewers, our platform remains secure and stable.
  • Core Engagement Features: Elevate your webcasts with essential features such as slides, video clips, screen share, Q&A sessions, polls, and more.
  • Browser-based Convenience: No additional software or downloads required, ensuring easy access for all participants.
  • Stress-Free Support: Enjoy peace of mind with our full-service support team, available to assist you every step of the way, from setup to execution.
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Exploring Our Diverse Webcast Formats

Step into the world of webcasting versatility with MEETYOO Show. We understand that every event is unique, which is why we offer a range of webcast formats to suit your specific needs and preferences. From audio-only broadcasts to fully immersive on-site productions, discover the perfect format to elevate your virtual events and engage your audience like never before.

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Audio Webcast
  • Utilize our advanced audio technology to ensure a seamless connection for all speakers dialing in via phone.
  • Deliver a professional and engaging experience without the need for video.
  • Participants can tune in from anywhere, eliminating barriers to attendance.
  • Speaker photos can be included optionally.
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Webcam Webcast
  • Speakers use integrated or external USB webcams for crisp and clear video.
  • Tailor the webcast to your event's needs, whether it's a single speaker or a panel discussion with multiple participants.
  • Opt for a professional remote video production with limitless creative options, including lower thirds, seamless transition effects, personalized multi-speaker views, and custom backgrounds for up to 8 speakers.
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Video Webcast (On-site Production)
  • Partner with a tech firm of your choice or tap into our network of trusted partners for seamless video production, whether in-house or at external venues.
  • Seamlessly integrate speakers from both in-studio and remote locations, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for your audience.
  • Smooth integration of both internal and external speakers, with tailored shooting schedules and expert coordination guided by our tech team.
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Live Streaming Made Easy

Dive into our features and unlock immersive experiences for both speakers and viewers.

MEETYOO Show Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits

Discover the cutting-edge features and unparalleled benefits that MEETYOO Show brings to your virtual events. From seamless streaming to robust security measures, explore how our platform elevates every aspect of your live broadcasts.

MEETYOO Show Speaker Experience
Speaker Experience

We understand the pivotal role speakers play in the success of virtual events. Discover how MEETYOO Show empowers speakers to shine and delivers unparalleled support throughout their journey.

MEETYOO Show Viewer Experience
Viewer Experience

Explore the seamless and immersive experience awaiting viewers with MEETYOO Show. Dive into how our platform enhances engagement, accessibility, and enjoyment for every participant, ensuring memorable virtual events.

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Why Choose Live Streaming?

In today's digital world, live streaming and web conferencing are two popular ways to interact with your audience. However, when aiming for unparalleled reach and polished professionalism, there's an indisputable front runner: live streaming.

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Features and Benefits

From flawless streaming for global audiences to expert production support and real-time insights, our platform empowers you to deliver impactful, engaging webcasts that leave a lasting impression. Explore the possibilities and discover why MEETYOO Show is the ultimate choice for your next virtual event.

Quality video for up to 50.000 viewers - MEETYOO
Flawless Streaming for Global Audiences
Experience unparalleled streaming quality for audiences of up to 50,000 worldwide. Regardless of your event's scale or complexity, MEETYOO Show guarantees unrivaled performance and reliability every time.
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Cost-Effective Remote Webcam Production
Say goodbye to technical headaches and costly studio setups. Our platform offers a high-quality alternative with webcam streams of speakers and presentation slides. Whether live or pre-recorded, speakers can deliver engaging content from the comfort of their own homes, all supported by advanced moderation and video management tools.
Onsite production and live support - MEETYOO
Expert Video Mixing and Show Direction
Trust our experienced team to handle even the most complex productions. We provide expert video mixing and show direction for both on-site and remote streaming events. From live participant management to A/V mixing and effects, we ensure a seamless and professional webcast experience every step of the way.
Reporting and insights - MEETYOO
Real-Time Reporting and Metrics
Measure the success of your webcasts with comprehensive reporting and metrics. Our platform offers real-time insights into stream quality, participant data, and audience interaction, all in compliance with GDPR regulations. Plus, with detailed Q&A and poll responses, you'll have everything you need for timely and effective follow-up.


Managed service - MEETYOO
Dedicated Personal Support
Enjoy peace of mind with a dedicated webcast operator assigned to every event. Our multilingual team is available to assist you before, during, and after the webcast, managing the entire process from setup and speaker training to live event monitoring and post-event support during the archiving period.
Media library - MEETYOO
Flexible On-Demand Access with AI Assistant
Experience seamless content replay and interactive engagement with MEETYOO Show's on-demand feature, empowered by our AI assistant. Dive into curated content at your convenience, participate in discussions, and explore insights tailored to your interests - all on your own schedule.
Remote webcam production - MEETYOO
Security and Stability Guaranteed
Rest assured with MEETYOO's commitment to security and stability. With stringent security measures in place, including encryption and GDPR compliance, your data and events are safeguarded at all times. Our platform can even utilize robust in-house replication servers to ensure optimized bandwidth usage, providing a reliable and seamless experience for every viewer. Trust in our platform's reliability, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional content without worry.
Multilanguage live stream - MEETYOO
Inclusivity and Multilingual Support
Our platform facilitates seamless communication across language barriers with comprehensive multilingual support. From interpreters to subtitles, and multilingual registration pages and mailings, we ensure every participant feels welcomed and understood. Break down language barriers and expand your reach with our multilingual capabilities, fostering meaningful connections in every corner of the globe.
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Remote Virtual Studio

Our studio offers a seamless and cost-effective solution to enhance your presenter's journey and create captivating audiovisual productions. Imagine integrating remote studio setups with dynamic green screen backgrounds, enabling webcam streams and video recordings to reach new heights of engagement.

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Speaker Experience

Empowering speakers is our passion. We believe that when speakers feel confident and supported, they deliver their best performances. With our robust suite of features and dedicated full-service support, we ensure that your speakers not only feel comfortable but also fully equipped to captivate and inspire audiences.

Video breakout sessions - MEETYOO
Speaker Backend
Empower speakers with a user-friendly backend interface designed for seamless content management and presentation setup. Our intuitive platform allows speakers to upload slides, manage media assets, and customize their presentations with ease, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience from start to finish.
Engagement features - MEETYOO
Comprehensive Speaker Trainings
Equip speakers with the skills and confidence they need to deliver exceptional presentations. Our comprehensive training programs cover everything from technical setup and platform navigation to best practices for engaging virtual audiences, ensuring every speaker is prepared to shine on stage.
Speaker descriptions - MEETYOO
Speaker Resources Management
Empower your speakers with seamless management of presentation materials and speaker profiles. Speakers can effortlessly share their presentation summaries, handouts, speaker bios, and images directly with our dedicated webcast manager. Our expert team will then ensure that all materials are uploaded and integrated seamlessly into the platform, allowing speakers to focus on delivering engaging presentations while we handle the rest.
Onsite production and live support - MEETYOO
Expert Video Mixing and Management
Leave the technicalities to us. Our experienced webcast managers handle all aspects of video mixing and management, regardless of the number of speakers. Speakers can focus solely on delivering their presentations, without worrying about changing views for participants or timing video playback. Our dedicated team ensures seamless transitions, optimal viewing experiences, and flawless execution, so speakers can shine without distraction.
Multilanguage productions - MEETYOO
Efficient Role Distribution
Streamline event management with efficient role distribution tools that allow you to assign roles and permissions to speakers, moderators, and support staff. From content management to live event moderation, our platform ensures clear roles and responsibilities, enabling smooth collaboration and execution throughout the entire event lifecycle.
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Viewer Experience

We're dedicated to ensuring that every attendee feels engaged, informed, and inspired. With our user-centric approach and innovative features, we transform passive viewers into active participants, creating moments of connection and discovery that leave a lasting impact.

Roles distribution - MEETYOO
Video Breakout Sessions
Seamlessly transition your audience into breakout rooms as part of your presentation. Whether randomly connecting participants or pre-assigning rooms for deeper engagement, foster collaboration and personal connections within your webcast experience.
Multilanguage live stream - MEETYOO
Multi-language Productions
Embrace inclusivity with our multi-language functionality. Offer registration and email communication in different languages, provide localized presentations, and even include real-time translations, live captions, and event transcriptions to ensure every attendee feels valued and empowered to participate fully.
Media library - MEETYOO
Flexible On-Demand Access with AI Assistant
With our AI assistant seamlessly integrated, you unlock the power of a comprehensive media library to supercharge your webcast strategy. Archive past events effortlessly, curate invaluable content with our intuitive guidance, and establish unparalleled thought leadership within your industry. Share on-demand event links with participants who missed the live broadcast, effortlessly increasing viewership and engagement over time. We ensure that your content remains evergreen, readily accessible, and irresistibly captivating.
Professional webcast presentation - MEETYOO
Engagement Features
Elevate your webcasts with dynamic engagement features that captivate and inspire. Embed animated video clips, utilize screen sharing capabilities, and collect valuable input and feedback through pre-event and live surveys, real-time polls, and interactive Q&A sessions. Speakers and moderators can also engage directly with the audience in private chat rooms, fostering meaningful connections and dialogue.
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Our Customers Love Our Webcasts

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“We were particularly impressed by the tailor-made solutions, the personal 1: 1 support, the appealing look and the intuitive user operation. At the same time, MEETYOO was able to guarantee the technical stability as well as a high security standard for our data. For us, this will also be a real alternative to face-to-face events in the future - it's a shame that we only found out through Corona.“

Lilo Pabst, Internal Communication Consultant
AOK Plus

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"Our clients were enthusiastic about the webcast and we were enthusiastic, that means this format [...] is certainly something that we will do again very soon."

Björn Stressenreuter, Managing Partner
MRH Trowe

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"We became MEETYOO customers thanks to excellent consultations that respected our needs. The personal advice and assistance during the event made our webcast a success."

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