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Advantages of virtual fairs and trade shows

With our innovative and engaging solution for virtual fairs and trade shows, your imagination is the limit. Use MEETYOO Pro's features to organize lifelike virtual events. Showcase your products and services, enjoy real-time business networking, and create a space for your customers to learn more about your company.

Unlimited Reach
Visitors are able to participate quickly and easily in a virtual fair or trade show, the size of your audience can be greatly increased. Unlike traditional trade shows with a physical venue, virtual event venues are free of space limitations and scheduling conflicts (due to on-demand availability). Your event participants may join from anywhere in the world, using any device.
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Time and Cost Savings
Time is an expensive commodity – for this reason, virtual fairs and trade shows offer a major advantage because your event participants can attend your digital fairground without worrying about accommodation and travel costs. The online format also means that everybody involved can optimize their schedule and make the most of their time spent within the virtual event venue.
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Optional anonymity
There are some times, when visitors may want to remain anonymous e.g. participants at a career fair who are looking for a new employer without wanting to broadcast that fact. If so desired, virtual fairs on our platform allow visitors to gain all information and benefits from an event whilst protecting their identity. You can fully adjust our MEETYOO Pro solution to your audience’s requirements.
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Benefits of virtual trade fairs 

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Engaging experiences
Captivate your audience and connect with people using personalized elements such as interactive avatars in addition to digital fair booths, chat lounges, breakout sessions, and webcast auditoriums. The visitor experience is inclusive and accessible from the very first click into the entrance hall where visitors can interact with the info desk and other users within the welcome lounge area. However, no setup is set in stone – the choice is yours!
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Webcast Streaming
Make the most out of your conference with live webcasts or pre-recorded streams. The virtual fair program can be supplemented with an agenda that includes streams of interviews, talks, presentations, panels and expert roundtables. The high-performance webcasting technology and its intuitive user interface make it easy for participants to stream engaging content for their audience.
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Individual Reports
Measure and compare the success of your virtual fairs or trade shows using standard or more detailed individual reports. We deliver comprehensive data analysis and statistics which support your lead generation efforts for all of your events. In addition to reports focusing on data from exhibitor booths, specific user groups, or personalized lead scoring, our system validates and measures each participant’s data.
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Interaction with visitors
As organizers you and your exhibitors can connect with visitors and take advantage of our outstanding interactive features. The virtual fair booths offer many features which make it easy for exhibitors and their online visitors to communicate. A public chat room per booth, text chats, and video calls with up to five participants offer many opportunities to connect further. The digital booths also serve as a multimedia library which can be filled with brand or product information, PDFs, and online links.
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Data privacy made in Germany
Enjoy a virtual fair which comes with the comfort of top-notch online security and data protection. Our software was developed in Germany and is fully GDPR-compliant. We are 100% ISO certified, which means that MEETYOO’s solutions fulfill the highest standards in the field of information security.
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How do virtual fairs and trade shows work?

Digital Lobby

The virtual entrance hall is designed as a welcome hub. Here, the event participants get a first impression of the environment, features, content, and agenda. A short welcome video and a staffed info desk can help with this orientation. This area is also the central navigation point of the virtual trade fair that allows visitors to access all exhibition rooms and digital auditoriums. The entrance hall usually also contains a virtual chat lounge which allows visitors to exchange information and network with each other. The integration of social media such as LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, or Facebook supports simple and fast networking as well as the distribution of trade fair content via various channels.

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Virtual booths

Use virtual exhibition booths to inform your visitors about your brand, products, projects, or current career opportunities, depending on the type of digital trade fair that is planned. The virtual booths are located within a exhibitor hall with designs which can be personalized to fit your corporate identity. For cross-company events, each virtual fair booth can display different designs, if the appropriate booth package is booked.

Flexible modules give each virtual exhibitor booth an individual touch, e.g. booths can showcase videos on one or two screens, contain a 3D object viewer, and offer downloads and content previews within a multimedia library. Text and video chat features provide direct live communication channels between booth staff and visitors.

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Online streams

The auditorium is a virtual space for lectures, symposia, discussions, and panels. The presentations take the form of webcam webcast or fully produced video streams which can be either live or pre-recorded. Our MEETYOO webcast technology is great for discussions and panels which connect experts from several different locations. Presentations with video clip integrations can also be shared at the same time as the presenter’s video stream.

Online feedback surveys, live polls, and chats that collect Q&A questions are available to gather the mood and opinions of virtual trade fair visitors. A live chat can be conducted parallel to streams or immediately after their conclusion. Appointed moderators can filter questions and share poll results with the presenters/speakers to ensure a smooth experience.

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Reports and Leads

The detailed data collection including all online visitor information is the deciding advantage of virtual fairs and trade shows. Specially designed registration pages collect initial data of interested parties (names, email) and can go more in-depth by requesting e.g. their company, position, areas of interest, previous experience, and more. Individual reports provide even more insights.

All user movements within the digital event environment are recorded and compiled within unique visitor profiles which are part of our reporting system. This includes information about visited booths, content downloads and views, and auditorium attendance. The data of our reports can be clustered into visitor groups or evaluated individually – simply export the data into your CRM system so that your team can continue to work with the leads gained, including enriched data.

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Hybrid events: The digital complement to your on-site events

Hybrid Event Stream Virtual Worldtour
Ready to go digital, but physical events still hold an important place in your heart and business strategy? Hybrid events are the perfect solution for this issue! These types of events supplement a live event with an on-location audience with a “digital twin event” which can offer studio-quality streams of your stage program and virtual booths with an online library containing an archive of your exhibitors content and product, or completely new extra content.

Exclusive content and webcast guests can help attract more visitors and some of your on-location visitors may even decide to take a look at the virtual event platform during its on-demand period. This elegant solution allows online event participants from all over the world to experience a version of your event. The increased reach allows even more guests to participate in your trade fair, shows that your organization embraces technological evolution, and supports the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

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