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Optimized recruitment with virtual event solutions

Recruiting new employees is one of the key tasks in HR departments. It goes without saying that the most important thing here is choosing suitable new colleagues – but HR departments also have to keep one eye on the budget and ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently when hiring new personnel. MEETYOO will support you with optimising your recruitment processes using innovative technologies. For example, you could hold an interactive virtual career fair, phone or video interviews or an online assessment centre.

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MEETYOO's communication technology makes HR and recruitment easier

The competition among companies on the search for the best employees is always tough. Good candidates often have the choice between several different employers, which is why you need to make your company look as attractive as possible. For applicants and IT specialists from younger generations, this often means looking out for who is working with the latest technology. Win them over during the application process with MEETYOO Pro’s innovative features for virtual career fairs, recruitment days, or interactive assessment centers.

Flexible scheduling
Especially when positions need to be filled at short notice, it can be extremely stressful for your HR department to align the schedules of multiple people and mind restrictions such as time and location. Last-minute appointments and applicants and interviewers need to be brought together. A conference call or video conference offers you the greatest amount of flexibility for applicant interviews. Candidates and interviewers can connect regardless of their location without the need to travel. The same applies to virtual career fairs, recruitment days, and online assessment centers.
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Easy access
Virtual job fairs mean that applications can be uploaded to event participant profiles in advance – candidates come as they are and they can apply with their digital portfolio right there at your virtual event booths. The technical requirements for prospective candidates who want to take part are minimal. All they need is a computer with an internet connection and an up-to-date browser application. There is no need to install additional software or apps. 
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Modern recruitment
We know how to help your HR department make all of their recruitment worries disappear.

While our virtual event setting acts as a convenient information and networking hub, our solutions offer sophisticated tools for chats and video interviews. The digital medium offers many great opportunities for initial assessments, direct applications, and follow-up interview scheduling. 
Do you want to set up a complete virtual career fair where you can present your company in a professional light and offer live chats with specialists and interesting keynotes which represent several industries? Our experienced project managers can help you create exactly the type of digital event that you are looking for. 

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Resource consciousness
Using online communications and networking means no more unnecessary and expensive journeys of people who aren’t based in the same locations – and not just for applicants, but also for interviewers. A virtual fair does not have official opening hours – potential candidates can browse an on-demand version of the event in their own time and assess the job openings and company information at all virtual career booths. Our solutions are the eco-friendly option that cuts out unnecessary CO2 emissions.
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Employer branding
Younger employees and IT specialists, in particular, judge a company on the tools it uses and its public image. By utilizing advanced digital communication tools, you are showing applicants that your company is a forerunner when it comes to technology and digitalization. Our virtual event solutions can be adapted to match your corporate identity, which promotes your brand recognition.
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Virtual career fair

Make a statement and have your company stand out from the crowd by creating your own virtual recruitment event. You can present various departments of your company, advertize specific vacancies, use live text and video chats, and contribute to a program with informative live presentations and HR keynotes. Candidates can move around the virtual event venue and explore all employers, just like they would during a physical event – but it takes up much less time, because they only need a few mouse clicks to gain an idea of your content and whether they want to contact your booth staff.

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Assessment center

Invite prospective candidates to an online assessment center to check the potential of their credentials and find out whether you can find people with the right skillset and chemistry. With our online testing tool, you can prepare a form with fields for test questions, carry out surveys, and evaluate the results right after completion. Candidates can all take the test in one go, or at different times.

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HR and marketing webinars

Increase awareness of your company as an employer with specially designed HR marketing webinars that are screened in the auditorium area of the virtual venue. Use these public talks to introduce your company and its departments, explain the career path of trainees, or present other current professional opportunities. The streams can be either pre-recorded using our integrated MEETYOO Show webcast tool, or be streamed live on the day of the event.
With live webinars, potential candidates have the option of asking questions using the integrated chat function and live polls.

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Other applications in the HR department

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Internal employee events
You can also use our digital event environments for internal events for your employees and teams from branches and partner companies that can be located all over the world. Employee updates and keynotes containing news and company developments can be streamed within the auditorium. Video calls and virtual breakout sessions can be used for workshops and to provide appropriate support and orientation for individual departments regarding updates to internal management processes.
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Online training and certifications
Use our webinar tools to train and coach your teams. You have the option of integrating multimedia content, such as video clips, images, or audio files, as well as online presentations or webcast streams. The testing tool can be used during training sessions to check the participants’ level of knowledge. If the training is completed successfully, participants can gain certifications – our system supports digital authentication of test results.
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Manager conferences
Company managers often work more than 40 hours a week. Using virtual conferences can relieve them of the burden of business travel, etc. while making efficient use of their working hours. All it takes is logging into the platform and joining the virtual event. In addition to live events, conferences can be made available on-demand after the day of the event has passed. Visitors can interact with the content and watch all stream recordings within the digital auditoriums in their own time.
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