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Greater value for virtual event sponsors and exhibitors - MEETYOO

Provide greater value to your exhibitors through virtual event sponsorship

Monetize your virtual event by facilitating sponsorship with MEETYOO Pro through an unlimited variety of branding options, strong reporting capabilities, and lead scoring and generation. Virtual event sponsorship offers various opportunities to help them increase their brand awareness and exposure, and generate new potential contacts for leads and sales. 

Unlimited virtual branding possibilities - MEETYOO

Unlimited branding possibilities

Use the potential of your virtual event venue to involve your sponsors in a sustainable and efficient way while rewarding them with a strong reach, high brand awareness, and premium leads!

With MEETYOO, our virtual event platform offers a variety of features for you to highlight your event sponsors in each area of your digital event to monetize your virtual event environment.

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Premium brand awareness and visibility 

Present and highlight your sponsors and exhibitors to a broader and more global target audience with a variety of branding opportunities, engaging features and digital elements, and connect your exhibitors with more related target groups.

Digital Lobby


The entrance hall offers specific logo and banner placements to present your partners and sponsors in a central location of your virtual venue. Include rotating and clickable logos and banners for your event visitors to be able to jump directly to the associated booths and generate more traffic to the represented exhibitors and sponsors of your digital event.

Digital lobby - MEETYOO
Virtual Booths


The customized virtual booth is a unique possibility for your partners and sponsors to present themselves and showcase their services, products, and all types of relevant information about themselves. 

Provide sponsors with more exclusivity by setting up an auditorium within premium exhibitor booths, for exhibitors to hold exclusive presentations and VIP meetings.

Virtual booths - MEETYOO
Auditorium and presentations


The auditorium offers different possibilities for your virtual event sponsorship packages. Event sponsors and partners have the opportunity to embed promotional videos and short ads on the screen in between presentations, or a sponsor may use a time slot to share their own company presentation via webcam or pre-produced video. 

In order to provide sponsors with more exclusivity, it is also possible to set up an auditorium reserved for sponsors' presentations.

Virtual Auditorium Presentations - MEETYOO
Analytics and reports

Help your virtual event sponsors and exhibitors measure the impact of their exposure with MEETYOO’s powerful event reports and analytics. Your event sponsors and exhibitors can track in real-time their booth metrics within their own statistics report to measure ROI and get comprehensible insights about their leads.

Analytics and reports - MEETYOO
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Features for your virtual event sponsorship packages

Virtual event sponsorship packages can include many of the following options within the digital event venue.

Branded objects - MEETYOO
Create an individual and customized virtual event experience while also adding and delivering value to your sponsors.

Within the digital event venue, our virtual event platform allows you to include many of the following options:

  • Customer stoppers, roll-ups, and light boxes 
  • Flags, logos, and banners  
  • Displays, posters, and signs
Event sponsorship through gamification - MEETYOO
Raffles and quizzes can be included for participants to win sponsored prizes in the entrance hall or other areas of the virtual event venue. Furthermore, you can host a sponsored scavenger hunt within the virtual venue to add engagement and generate value for your event participants and exhibitors.
Premium virtual branding placement - MEETYOO
Premium placement
You can also add extraordinary branding opportunities like animated flying objects. These items might be: Zeppelins, hot air balloons, airplanes or rockets, each branded and/or including advertising messages on banners.
Sponsored workshops and roundtables - MEETYOO
Workshops and roundtables
You can also offer sponsored slots for your exhibitors and partners to hold virtual workshops and roundtables and create thought leadership, while promoting and advertising their companies and products.
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