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Networking made easy

Networking may feel unauthentic during virtual events but our interactive features make it easy to build connections with like-minded participants.

MEETYOO's event platform allows participants to search for contacts based on their profile details and creates themed group discussions so they can connect over similar interests via video or text chats. 

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AI-based matchmaking

The AI-based matchmaking feature analyses the visitor profiles and matches users based on mutual interest and suggests a connection. Event participants can send a private message, invite their matches to a video call or connect on LinkedIn.  and invite them to a video call or connect on LinkedIn.

With always-on events, participants can build their network before, during, and after the event.

Define your matchmaking criteria

Event organizers can set matchmaking criteria by adding profile fields as they sign in. Based on the event purpose you may ask for job title, company, industry, and special knowledge to share and desired interests.

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Same-interest matches

  • Participants are matched based on profile information
  • The ranking is based on their relevance to personal interests
  • The profile fields can be made mandatory or optional
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Cross-profile matches

  • Participants are matched based on pre-defined "mappings" (e.g. sellers with buyers)
  • The ranking of the results is based on their relevance to personal interests
  • The profile fields can be made mandatory or optional
Mix and match - MEETYOO

Mix and match in breakout rooms

  • Seamlessly integrate group workshops into your presentation
  • Split 1,000 viewers up into smaller groups and add them to a video-call
  • Have the same group to return into a video call after the following presentation slot
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Facilitate meaningful event interactions

Personalized content, AI-based matchmaking, topic-related group discussions. As a virtual event organizer you can leverage multiple tools to improve visitor experience, based on user information.

Matchmaking Profiling - MEETYOO
Visitors profile
The event organizer defines profile fields, that are mandatory and optional for registration. The event visitors can access their profile details before and during the event, to share personal interests and professional backgrounds.
Relevant content matching - MEETYOO
Content personalization
The profile information can be used to identify which content in the event is relevant to specific user segments. All content types will then be recommended to the visitors based on relevancy.
Connect and chat - MEETYOO
Connect likeminded visitors
AI-Matchmaking suggest peers with similar interest and backgrounds using the users profile information. E.g., to connect experts from related industries, jobseekers and HR experts, sellers and buyers.
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