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Offer highly professional audiovisual productions with MEETYOO's remote virtual studio

MEETYOO's remote virtual studio is a cost effective and seamless way to improve the presenter's journey and to create highly professional and engaging audiovisual productions. It allows the integration of remote studio setups with green screen backgrounds for webcam streams and video recordings, and multiple presentation options for remote keynote speakers and presenters located around the globe.

  • Engaging and interactive audiovisual stream production
  • In-house operated production and direction
  • Studio-like audiovisual appearance  
  • Fully adjustable into the 3D design of the virtual event
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Advantages of our remote virtual studio

Stream live and highly professional multi-speaker virtual discussions, panels, debates and keynotes to global audiences. 

Virtual town hall meetings - bridge distances and time zones
Multi-location streams
Our virtual remote studio allows you to easily organize professional audiovisual productions without a centralized audiovisual studio. This way, you can host company and product presentations, panel discussions, interviews and keynotes with leadership teams, presenters and speakers from around the globe, while saving travel and location expenses.
Virtual remote studio - Green screen integration
Green screen integration and transitions
As with any audiovisual production, planning and organisation are essential to deliver a smooth experience. In order to provide an entertaining audiovisual production, our virtual remote studio allows you to mix and match fun and new elements each time and use entertaining media and visualizations (e.g. videos, gifs, etc.) for the transitions between topics, video segments, tracks and presentation sessions.

Furthermore, you can also set up home studios with green screen backgrounds for webcam streams and video recordings, in order to apply visual effects and align the audiovisual experience to the virtual event design.

Virtual remote studio - In-house operated production and direction
In-house operated production and direction
With our remote virtual studio we want to ensure a high quality audiovisual mixing and stream, for you to engage your virtual event participants and keep their attention during all your broadcast sessions. For this reason, our in-house video operators support you with training sessions for your virtual keynote speakers and presenters, and with all live audiovisual requirements for you to provide your audiences with highly professional audiovisual productions.


Our dedicated operators on board will be in charge of the steam direction and controlling the role distribution, the mixing, smooth transitions and above all that all your presentations run smoothly from beginning to end.  

Virtual remote studio - inclusive integrations
Real-time translation
Our remote virtual studio allows to translate simultaneously into multiple languages with third-party integrations. This way you can ensure that your events are inclusive and accessible with multilingual translations and subtitles.
Virtual remote studio - Engaging and interactive audiovisual features
Engaging and interactive audiovisual features
Our remote virtual studio can also enhance the experience of your virtual event attendants with multiple engaging and interactive audiovisual features. Besides the possibility of showing slides, videos, gifs and other visualizations and creating notifications about start and finish of your live streams, you can also encourage your audiences to interact within your sessions by means of polls, Q&A sessions and a chat-wall integration.
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