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Hybrid events in person and online: The best of both worlds

On the go, accessible, always on. These buzzwords gain meaning when it comes to hybrid events on our MEETYOO Pro platform. People who cannot make it to the actual event location, can instead visit a digital twin or your event. What this type of event looks like is up to you, the organizer. Adding immersive, virtual experiences to a physical event and making this content available to a global audience demonstrably increases your overall return of investment. Hybrid events represent the ultimate combination of traditional on-site events and virtual event environments.

What is a hybrid event?

There are two main ways that you can go to make the most of your hybrid event and its digital features.

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Creating a digital twin of an on location event and adapting it into a virtual event allows organizers to expand their reach beyond the location of their event. The hybrid event is not a simple copy of your physical event – it is intended as an adaptation that takes advantage of digital event features and elevates things to the next level. Additionally, exhibitors can extend their booth presence to a virtual booth set within the digital version of your event.

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Using hybrid events as a platform for studio-quality live streams is a unique way to leverage the power of our virtual event solution. The hybrid event can be treated as a broadcast of a live studio production with an audience (the physical event). This solution also allows for multiple regional satellite events that are being combined into one show which is seamlessly integrated into a digital event environment and can be made available online internationally.

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Why you should go hybrid

If done right, you get the best of both worlds! We have the necessary know-how and the best toolkit on the market – our track record with large-scale hybrid events speaks for itself. Here's why going hybrid might be the solution to all of your event woes. 

Professional project management
Enjoy a virtual fair which comes with the comfort of top-notch online security and data protection. Our software was developed in Germany and is fully GDPR-compliant. We are 100% ISO certified, which means that MEETYOO’s solutions fulfill the highest standards in the field of information security.
Host memorable hybrid and virtual events with MEETYOO - Virtual Event Planning
New engagement possibilities
Visually, the design of your digital twin event can reflect the real life location or some other space. Content-wise, the hybrid event platform can include a full digitalization of the event's content, including streams live from your stage. Captivate your audience and connect with people using personalized elements such as interactive avatars in addition to digital fair booths, chat lounges, and breakout sessions. These features are amazing for people who can't make it to the physical event.
Virtual Town Hall Meetings for Community Building
Optimal content reach
Make the most out of your event's program with live webcast streams that can be shared online in real time. Include streams of interviews, talks, presentations, panels, and expert roundtables. The high-performance webcast technology of MEETYOO Show and its intuitive user interface make it easy to share content this way.

You can also add exclusive content which is only available as an online stream (e.g. pre-recorded talks or promotion videos). Attendants on-site and your online audience can access this content via their computers or mobile devices. This is also true for all multimedia archives which are included in our virtual booths. This way you can share your content with as many people as possible.

Interactive features
The hybrid event format can also enhance the experience of your on-site event attendants. Use our digital agenda tool to add the times of all speaker slots, speaker information, breakout sessions, and breaks. Exhibitors and booth personnel at the physical location can also use the digital features of the hybrid event to their advantage and upload digital version of their content to their digital booth, which will make it easier to share their information and materials with attendants without requiring print-outs.
Sustainability and innovation
Hybrid events are your chance to go green and increase the CO2 savings of your event. Sustainability is extremely important and many stakeholders value a visible effort by corporations to be more environmentally conscious. However, we also offer more.

Our virtual event platform supports AI-powered matchmaking, design and content personalization, in-depth data collection, flexible streaming solutions, and on-demand archivation for your ultimate hybrid event. And what is more: All of our digital events can be updated and repurposed.

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Hybrid events are perfect if you want to...

... reduce your environmental impact
Everybody knows that taking your event online is already a huge step towards achieving carbon neutrality. Of course, hybrid events don't bring quite the same advantages, as there may still be a need for business travel, hotel stays, catering, and a larger congregation of people at the venue. However, choosing to organize a hybrid event helps manage and reduce CO2 emissions (and costs) greatly. There are many things you can do to really create a digital and environmentally friendly event and to give your marketing campaigns a green twist.


You could work with an NGO that plants trees and try to reduce the CO2 impact of the physical part of your event. Or you could support wildlife preservation organizations or ocean cleaning efforts. There are many options, and we have summarized some suggestions here....

Virtual event planning - global reach
... reach larger target audiences
Our platform is responsive and can be displayed on mobile devices. This allows on-site visitors to connect with online attendants. The text and video chat features of our virtual events can be used to bridge the gap between locations and time zones without the need to invest time and money into long journeys.


Exhibitors can extend their booth presence to a virtual booth set within the digital twin of a trade fair. Content remains available to old and new attendees even after the live day because the online format allows for on-demand archivation.

Outdoor Event Design
... leverage new revenue streams
The addition of a digital platform to an event allows you to include more expo spaces, invite exhibitors who might also only participate online, and use the hybrid format to generate additional revenue. This does not only include the increased potential for sales via online shop integrations, but also the chance to include sponsor banners etc. online.


This is an attractive feature for sponsors who are on-site and would also like to make the most of the online reach of the hybrid event (which can host up to 50,000 attendees at a time). And of course it is also an interesting proposition for sponsors and partners who would like to participate exclusively online. 

Make the most of digital event features

Our MEETYOO Pro platform offers the ideal combination of professional support and customer service by experts and a powerful, stable software for virtual events. It is the perfect base for a successful and engaging hybrid event experience.

Digital Lobby

The virtual entrance hall is designed as a welcome hub. Here, the event participants get a first impression of the environment, features, content, and agenda. A short welcome video and a staffed info desk can help with this orientation. This area is also the central navigation point of the virtual trade fair that allows visitors to access all exhibition rooms and digital auditoriums. The entrance hall usually also contains a virtual chat lounge which allows visitors to exchange information and network with each other. The integration of social media such as LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, or Facebook supports simple and fast networking as well as the distribution of trade fair content via various channels.

Ost Ausschuss - Gala Main Entrance and Lounge
Virtual Booths

Use virtual exhibition booths to inform your visitors about your brand, products, projects, or current career opportunities, depending on the type of digital trade fair that is planned. The virtual booths are located within a exhibitor hall with designs which can be personalized to fit your corporate identity. For cross-company events, each virtual fair booth can display different designs, if the appropriate booth package is booked.

Flexible modules give each virtual exhibitor booth an individual touch, e.g. booths can showcase videos on one or two screens, contain a 3D object viewer, and offer downloads and content previews within a multimedia library. Text and video chat features provide direct live communication channels between booth staff and visitors.

MINTmap showfloor with empty booths
Online Streams

You can use your virtual auditorium to stream live panels, keynotes, and interviews online and share your event with the world. Our webcast tool offers many interactive features and we also provide on-site support by our experienced tech team (this includes video mixing and the setup for studio-quality streaming sessions). Online feedback surveys, live polls, and chats that collect Q&A questions are also available to gather the mood and opinions of virtual event visitors. A live chat can be conducted parallel to streams or immediately after their conclusion.

The virtual auditorium of a hybrid event is designed for live streaming and on-demand archivation of our video content. This means, all recordings and digital booth content can be made available even after the event has ended – the perfect setup of post-event campaigns and ongoing lead generation

MEETYOO PRO Federal Foreign Office Auditorium Stream Design
Reports and Leads

Data is one of our most valuable assets. While physical events also include an online registration and ticketing system, a hybrid event can track user behavior and digital event statistics live. Our data dashboard is updated in real time and allows you to keep an eye on the performance of specific exhibitor booths and user interaction with multimedia content and auditorium streams. 

The system collects and completes user profiles which already contain the information that is required for your event's individual registration process. Use our individual post-event reports to analyze the data and assess user lists according to ABC-lead scoring. The data of our reports can be clustered into visitor groups or evaluated individually – simply export the data into your CRM system so that your team can continue to work with the leads gained, including enriched data.

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Hybrid conferences in premium quality

We have worked with large clients to create major hybrid event experiences for tens of thousands participants. Our MEETYOO Pro solution is perfect for stable large-scale hybrid events with thousands of virtual attendees.

Digital X Hybrid Event Main Hall

Telekom's Digital X

This event was massive, with 160 speakers from all over the world discussing technology from every perspective. The schedule was packed with eye-opening panels, trend-forecasting talks, and inspirational speeches, including a keynote from Sir Richard Branson. With a digital twin, the Digital X organizers could guarantee that everyone got a chance to attend and replay the experience.

Attendees, live and online, were able to review the speeches and panels they missed. This hybrid event fill the need of increased reach during the pandemic without sacrificing human connection.

Ideen Expo Hybrid Event

Ideen Expo Hybrid Conference

The Ideen Expo was launched with the aim of getting young people excited about STEM and starting a professional future in the science and technology field. It is considered Europe's largest youth event of its kind. Because of state regulations, the event's organizers decided on a hybrid event format to keep the series going and make it as accessible as possible to a live audience on-site and online.

600 students took part on-site and 70,000 viewers attended the virtual event worldwide. Moderated live talks with different experts from more than 70 exhibitors were offered and streamed live from one of the 4 event stages at the venue.

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