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Virtual campuses: The future of work and education

Virtual campuses have opened up new ways for community members to stay connected and engaged. With MEETYOO Pro, you can create entirely remote virtual campuses for organizations and institutions that allow hosting online open days, virtual tours and digital recruitment fairs. Our virtual event platform features multiple functionalities to hold keynotes, lectures and breakout sessions, and facilitate group work, debates and discussions with special presentation formats.  

  • Create complete immersive experiences for visitors and attendees.
  • Increase retention and engagement with virtual experiences for large and small groups.
  • Open up new possibilities for global connections and remote work. 
  • Engage students and professors without the limitations of a physical campus.
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Advantages of implementing a virtual campus 

Virtual campuses can be hugely beneficial for attendees and community members as a way to provide more accessible options and a sense of place for global institutions and organizations.

Virtual town hall meetings - bridge distances and time zones
Global scalability and flexibility
Our MEETYOO Pro platform for virtual and hybrid events is easy to access from anywhere in the world and offers a high degree of flexibility for global communities with members that are unable to easily travel to attend functions in person. In addition, the platform allows you to store different types of content, be it audiovisual sessions or documents, which can be accessed and downloaded at any time.


At the same time, our platform allows a number of integrations of different complementary tools for academic institutions and corporate organizations.  

Virtual remote studio - Engaging and interactive audiovisual features
Maximized engagement possibilities
Focus on user experience and keep the community members involved and engaged from start to finish. A virtual campus can include a full digitalization of content, including live streams from your stage, or lectures. You can run quizzes, surveys and polls. You can also include incentives and points to gamify the experience, motivate involvement and reward participation by designing engaging programs that are customized to your organization or institution. The process is completely automated and documented in our extensive analytical reports.
Optimal content reach - Live and on demand - Virtual campus - MEETYOO
Optimal content reach - Live and on demand
Facilitate real-time content delivery and make the most out of your curricular programs with live webcast streams that can be shared online in real time. Include streams of interviews, talks, presentations, lectures, panels, and expert roundtables. You can also add exclusive downloadable content in different formats which is only available online as on-demand (e.g. pre-recorded talks, presentations and many other different types of documentations).


Attendants and community members can access this content at any point in time via their computers or mobile devices. This also applies for all multimedia archives which are included in our virtual rooms. The platform also allows gathering on demand recordings and performance analytics so you are able to keep and share the produced content beyond the event itself and gain insights from attendee data. This way you can share your content with as many people as possible.

Virtual campus - customized virtual campuses
Customized virtual environments
Our platform for virtual and hybrid events allow you to offer a more comprehensive online presence by creating attractive and highly personalized spaces and opportunities for attendees to engage and participate virtually. You can design your own campus or include some fantasy elements to design your wished environment and define specific attendee journeys through key areas and event moments.  


Furthermore, you can include central hubs with customizable branding for partners and co-curricular activities to captivate attendees and community members and connect with people using personalized elements such as interactive avatars in addition to digital fair booths, chat lounges, and breakout sessions. These features are amazing for people who can't make it to the physical event.

Sustainability and efficiency
A virtual campus is your chance to eliminate costs such as location and facility upkeep costs, and to minimize travel, while also improving the benefits of having a deeper virtual event experience. Furthermore, you can increase your environmental efforts to go green and decrease the CO2 impact of your physical facilities. Sustainability is extremely important and many stakeholders value a visible effort by institutions and corporations to be more environmentally conscious. And what's more, all of our digital events can be updated and repurposed.
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Benefits of a virtual campus for corporations and institutions

For corporations and institutions, a virtual campus creates a comprehensive online presence and a sense of place for global and international teams and attendees as well as for clients and other visitors.

Networking Hub
Enhance the online meeting experience
The virtual campus enhances the online meeting experience and team collaboration while they also allow companies to host external events, product presentations, demos, showcases, and ongoing interactions and conversations with company representatives, clients and other industry members all year long. The virtual campus gives institutions and organizations the opportunity to create a a comprehensive online presence through immersive virtual environments for visitors and attendees.
Networking Lounge
Promote greater collaboration
Hosting a virtual campus is an excellent way to encourage community members to work together and collaborate. Virtual campuses with digital breakout rooms, archives, auditoriums can help to build a stronger community while promoting learning ownership and control. Furthermore, this virtual spaces allow the community members to take control of their own learning live and on demand.


Providing a digital learning space via virtual classrooms gives attendees the opportunity to work through material at their own pace, reviewing or skipping as they see fit.

Leverage new income streams - Virtual campus - MEETYOO
Leverage new income streams
The addition of a virtual campus to an existing institution or organization permits you to encompass greater and broader digital spaces, invite external speakers or exhibitors who may best take part on line, and use the hybrid layout to generate extra revenue. This best encompasses the multiplied capacity for income through a much bigger portfolio with digital education offerings and online store integrations, as well as dedicated spaces for sponsors and cooperation partners.
Host complementary virtual events - virtual campus - MEETYOO
Host complementary virtual events
Organize virtual open days, available to potential prospects and candidates across the world. Create comprehensible campus tours to inform your growing online community about the spectrum of your institutional offerings or use it to host complementary conferences and events as a way to showcase your campus and a snapshot of the daily life of your academic institution or corporation.
Build a global sense of community - Virtual campus - MEETYOO
Build a global sense of community
Build a sense of community and digital culture by creating a space for socialization and relations building, while expanding your portfolio with a broad offering of online programs, and boost your existing physical or hybrid meetings, events and strategies within the virtual spaces of a online campus.
Drive higher community engagement - virtual campus - MEETYOO
Drive higher community engagement
Drive higher engagement and participation by inspiring community members, potential candidates and visitors with all the features and potential of your own immersive virtual campus. Virtual worlds offer multiple possibilities and plenty of space for fun alongside content sharing and learning. You can add gamification and engaging features to make the attendee experience more modern and fun.
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Design your own virtual campus

MEETYOO Pro gives great control over every aspect of your virtual campus, allowing you to adapt room sizes, virtual spaces and the colors of your virtual environment to the branded colors of your institution or organization. Furthermore you can design your event's registration page and promotion campaigns, manage registrations, and monitor signups from your own report dashboard. 

Maleki Academy Entrance Design
Virtual campus overview
The virtual campus overview is designed as a welcome hub. Here, the community members and guest participants get a first impression of the distribution of the virtual environment, its features, the content offering, the programs and the agenda. A short welcome video and a staffed info desk can be place as well as help and orientation to navigate the digital campus. This area is also the central navigation point of the campus that allows visitors to access all exhibition rooms and digital rooms and auditoriums.


The virtual campus overview is an entrance hall that usually contains a virtual chat lounge which allows visitors to exchange information and network with each other. The integration of social media channels such as LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, or Facebook supports simple and fast networking opportunities as well as the distribution of trade fair content via various channels.

Virtual campus- virtual auditoria
Virtual auditoria
You can use your virtual auditorium to stream live panels, keynotes, large lectures, assemblies and interviews online, and share these types of sessions globally with the world. Our webcast tools offer many interactive features and we also provide on-site audiovisual support by our experienced tech team (this includes video mixing and the setup for studio-quality streaming sessions). 


Online feedback surveys, live polls, and chats that collect Q&A questions are also available to gather the mood and opinions of participant community members and virtual visitors. A live chat can be conducted parallel to streams or immediately after their conclusion.

The virtual auditorium is designed for live streaming and on-demand archivation of your video content productions. This means, all recordings and digital produced content can be available even after the presentation has ended.

Virtual campus - lecture and breakout rooms
Lecture and breakout rooms
Group assignments work even better with MEETYOO Pro, where private topic areas can be activated in any virtual campus space to form breakout sessions and symposia without distractions. This way, you can encourage group work by mirroring the classroom work environment with the combination of a myriad of presentation tools that bring content distribution to life. Everything you need to create immersive and interactive lessons and learning experiences.


Among these you can find: 

  • Present slides, PDFs and documents.
  • Share your screen or webcam
  • Integrate interactive whiteboards and sticky notes
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Virtual Booths

MEETYOO Pro also offers immersive booths that allow you to connect people from all over the world in a fully realized virtual experience. Use our virtual exhibition booths to inform your visitors about your brand, products, programs, or current career opportunities, depending on the type of exhibition floor or digital trade fair that is planned. In case of large exhibition hall for recruitment, job fairs or general info sessions, the virtual booths can be located specially within a exhibitor hall with designs which can be personalized to fit the corporate identity of your institution and organization and those of your partners. For cross-institutional events, each virtual fair booth can display different designs, if the appropriate booth package is booked.

Flexible modules give each virtual exhibitor an individual touch, e.g. booths can showcase videos on one or two screens, contain a 3D object viewer, and offer downloads and content previews within a multimedia library. Text and video chat features also provide direct live communication channels between booth staff and community members and other visitors.

MINTmap showfloor with empty booths
Virtual Offices

Similar to the virtual booths and exhibition halls, MEETYOO Pro offers you the possibility to set up individual virtual offices for the different board members, institutes, departments, faculties and their staff. This way, you can use our virtual offices as a private meeting room to organize personal conversations, support tutorials and tutorships with individual community members, or a VIP meeting room for special clients and prospects. 

The virtual offices can be distributed in different online spaces of the virtual campus or they can be placed in an specific area together. The virtual offices can also display a multimedia library with different types of content material an even links to other channels or calendars to book meetings. In the absence of the office owner, messages can be redirect to the personal inbox of the person in charge.  



Virtual campus - virtual offices
Virtual Archive


The virtual campus platform is also designed for on-demand archivation for all types of content. This means, that all session recordings, lectures, seminars and module content materials and resources can be made available in specific libraries and databases. This virtual content hub allows to upload many different file formats as downloadable content pieces and helps document specific topics in organized content modules. 

In addition, the virtual archive allows many third party integrations, as well as the inclusion of other important institutional channels, such as websites, social media channels, online shops and many more. 

Virtual archive - virtual campus

Our virtual event platform also offers robust tools for networking that pair people up in one-on-one or randomized conversations, and help them create new contacts and interact with other community members easily and privately. Among the different functionalities is our matchmaking tool based on artificial intelligence, with which the user can easily filter according to specific criteria to connect with the desired profiles. 

In addition, MEETYOO Pro offers a number of chat options, forums, discussion spaces, and round tables to generate the necessary connection between the different attendees of the virtual campus. This helps users exchange information and point them to the right peers and direction, for them to increasing their networks.


Virtual town hall meetings - virtual collaboration
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