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Custom-designed virtual booths

From standardized template packages to highly customized virtual booths, MEETYOO Pro offers a variety of virtual exhibitor solutions with distinctive functionalities and designs. 

  • Predesigned virtual booths based on template layouts 
  • Individual booths with highly personalized design 
  • Corporate identity integration with logos, banners, and other types of content
  • 2 level “double-decker” booths (with integrated workshop and breakout rooms)
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Virtual booth interaction

The avatars will be the point of interaction for the attendees with your team. MEETYOO Pro includes various avatar options that you can accommodate in your virtual booth with predefined roles.

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Meeting bookings
Host 1:1 meetings in booths between your experts and visitors with our booking feature. Experts can self-manage meetings and speak with visitors directly on the platform with the possibility of offering organized group based meetings as well. Our booking feature let you set your own meeting's availability for visitors to choose the time that suits them best.


In addition, this feature allows the integration of multiple calendars with download option and it is fully automated for you to receive automatic notification emails. 

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Individual avatars
Booth avatars are always displayed when the booth personnel is online. The virtual avatars are linked to individual user accounts and display their contact information.

If there are more booth staff members online than available avatar spots at the booth, the virtual event platform will randomly select a set amount of avatars to display. The requirement for an individual avatar is a frontal full-body image taken in front of a neutral background (ideally in front of a green screen or neutral background).

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Avatar groups
There is also the option to assign avatars to a certain group – for example, to “support” or “sales” if you would like to add members of different teams. You can then define specific areas behind your virtual booth which will be used to either display avatars of your “support” team or “sales” team avatars. The avatars that are linked to these groups will always be displayed within those preselected spots.
Animated Avatar Booth Event Design
Animated avatars
You can also integrate animated avatars by creating a 15-30 second video of your booth staff members moving slightly, gesticulating, and smiling at the camera. The animated booth avatars are played as a loop that produces the effect of a live avatar. For this, a “.webm” file of the video is required, ideally with an already extracted background. We recommend filming in front of a green screen or a neutral background that has a different color than your clothing for easy background removal.
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Offline avatars
You also have the possibility to add an offline avatar. The offline avatar is also connected to a specific user account, but only shows up if the online avatars are not active at that time. It allows virtual booth visitors to contact your team even when nobody is online. Clicking the avatar opens a box which allows the attendees to send a message via email. This message can be predefined in advance to structure the inquiry.
Message window from an offline avatar in a booth
Contact requests
Contact requests allow the booth visitors to send an inquiry to the booth staff without having to initiate a chat with them. You can add specific profile fields if you would like to collect specific information in addition to your booth visitors’ inquiries. Additionally, contact requests can contain a survey form.
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Virtual booth element types

Our digital booths include a variety of interactive features that make it easy to engage with online booth visitors and use opportunities for private chats or follow-up meetings. The sophisticated designs, integrated multimedia library, and individual staff avatars create a user experience that feels more personal than many of the options offered by competitive solutions. 

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A “library element” is a multimedia content archive which can be integrated at different points within your booth. With this feature you can upload your documents, brochures, informative PDFs, or even links. Each piece of content is listed with its title, short description, and an icon. You may also use category titles to divide and organize your booth content.

Person chatting on a Laptop

Individual customized booths also include a chat feature which allows your booth staff to interact with all visitors of your booth in real time. The chat window is displayed directly at the booth. You can also define a designated area for the chat preview. Video calls with up to five participants can also be initiated by clicking the listed chat participants and selecting the call option.

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Individually personalized booths can also contain an exclusive in-booth auditorium for keynotes and other content options for your VIPs. This feature is independent and completely separate from the public auditoriums of the conference area. This auditorium can be used to include a webcast, which can be very useful for live product demonstrations, for example.

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Product lists

This useful feature allows item product lists to be integrated into all booths. You can use this feature to display product images, short descriptions, and prices which can alternatively be displayed in a tile design. It is also possible to add individual CTA buttons – they can be used to redirect visitors to linked documents or to online shop entries. The product list can be divided into multiple categories and offers an overview of all items. 

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Video displays

You can display one or more videos in your virtual booth depending on the number of available screens within your chosen design template. Visitors can only press play to view one video at a time at booths with two screens. Booth owners can choose whether they want their videos to have an autoplay feature, start in full screen mode, be displayed within the embedded booth screen, or give the visitors the option to control the visualization size.

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Special virtual booth features

Give your online presence that special something with some fun and interactive additions.

A Bicycle in the MEETYOO 3D Object Viewer Tool
3D object viewer
With our 3D object viewer, you have the possibility to present 3D scans of your products within a 360° motion display. The 3D object viewer works with rendered files in .gltf, .glb or .obj. This way, we can showcase your product highlights within your virtual booth. We have had clients submit all types of objects for integration: Models of bicycles, furniture, buildings, etc.
Two Level Double Decker Booth Design
Second level
Our second-level feature allows you to add more exclusive digital features directly to your virtual booth. In addition to your own in-booth auditorium for a private webcast integration, you can also add a separate meeting room, in which you can integrate your company background using our green screen feature. You can use this additional space to present company insights, product innovations, and much more.
MEETYOO Pro Breakout Session
Breakout sessions
You can use the second level of your booth to interact directly with your visitors. Just like at on-site trade fairs, you can schedule meetings, and engage with visitors in a VIP meeting room. With the integration of a breakout room, you can hold video conferences with one or more selected participants directly at your virtual fair booth.

Premium packages for your virtual booths

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