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Maximize the engagement of your virtual event visitors

Add interactive features to your virtual venue to stimulate your event attendees to connect and network. These motivate the exploration of the virtual platform and networking between visitors and exhibitors.

Event engagement - MEETYOO
  • Quizzes and raffles
  • Spatial chat
  • Virtual workshops and roundtables
  • Breakout rooms, votes, polls, and Q&As
  • Gamification, event rallies, and scavenger hunts
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Virtual networking and interaction

MEETYOO offers a variety of networking features to support interactive communication and connections between virtual event visitors.

Virtual collaboration - MEETYOO
Video calls 
Connect with your attendees or potential clients in private video calls with up to 5 users to discuss business and collaboration opportunities.
Relevant matchmaking - MEETYOO
Single and group chats
Allow your virtual event participants to connect and interact through private chat rooms and public group chats. People can also invite contacts they have made on the virtual fair ground to their private chat rooms or add them to the themed public chat areas.
Spatial chat

A spatial chat is a virtual space where people interact naturally. Walking in and out of conversations feels natural and seamless, and mimics networking behavior that we know from onsite events.

Virtually roam around a room and start speaking with other participants by moving close to them. Integrate spatial chats seamlessly into your event venue and make conversations fun, spontaneous, and natural. The ability to roam freely and listen in lowers the anxiety of shipping into a video call with a stranger.

Networking lounges
Offer public networking lounges for video calls or chat rooms for your participants to mix and mingle, connect, and discuss the event.
Virtual breakout rooms
Virtual breakout rooms
Create virtual theme rooms to extend the conversation of your keynotes and live presentations, and promote the match making among the digital event participants. These breakout rooms can be either video or text-based and can be moderated, if requested.
Interactive agenda
Use the interactive agenda to present all of the amazing keynotes, panels, interviews, and discussions you have planned for your auditorium streams. Include speaker pictures and biographies to add more relevant information that might peak your attendees’ interest. Our interactive agenda automatically adjusts to the time zones of your event participants.   
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Virtual workshop and roundtables

Group discussions are an effective way to build close relationships with and among event participants.

  • Improve your virtual event engagement and maximize the networking possibilities of your digital and hybrid event.  
  • Offer virtual workshops and roundtables for teams and participants as part of your event engagement and networking.   
  • Encourage online experiences that are interactive, creative, and engaging for your virtual event participants.  
  • Activate your passive event participants into active co-creators and engage your virtual event visitors in collaborative and interactive sessions.
Networking lounge - MEETYOO
Keep it engaging with the integration of voting tools, charts and whiteboards, and unlock the full potential of virtual event engagement with influential networking experiences.

MEETYOO's virtual event solutions provide the features and tools needed to seamlessly organize and discuss engaging digital workshops and roundtables.

Networking Rooftop - MEETYOO
Public and private
With our solution for virtual workshops and roundtables, you can host immersive training and collaborative sessions in public or private digital rooms. Workshop and roundtable sessions can be configured based on different criteria. Event attendees can either choose the session according to their interest when the virtual rooms are open to the public or they can be pre-selected and invited to a specific one through the registration process. 

Event hosts are also able to provide different breakout rooms to different types of participants and divide participants into groups.

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Involve every participant with their ideas and encourage multi user collaboration. Virtual workshops and roundtables are interactive sessions that live from the exchange and creative power of the participants. This way, you can facilitate small work groups with brainstorming possibilities to increase the learning curves of your teams or event participants.
Video Call - MEETYOO
Collaboration and co-creation
Bring attendees together from all parts of the world efficiently and effectively and host virtual training and discussion sessions in your networking area to work on ideas, new concepts and strategies with your team or event participants.
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Safe and secure
With comprehensive capabilities and secure technology, our digital event platform enables more efficient, collaborative and interactive sessions. Our virtual solution for workshops and roundtables is highly secure and point-to-point encrypted. You can also distribute roles securely with our permission settings to have a tight control over your participants and ensure a smooth networking experience.

In Addition, you can hold virtual training and discussion sessions for up to 30 participants. MEETYOO's suite of features and tools for hybrid and virtual events offers effective event engagement and networking opportunities on a global scale.

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Networking with expert groups

Use the possibilities of digital workshops and roundtables to foster networking. Our feature for virtual workshop and roundtable sessions combines a video conferencing tool and a chat with collaborative features.


Workshops - MEETYOO

Involve your attendees in an interactive training sessions by offering online workshops that encourage collaboration.

Virtual event engagement - Debates and Discussions
Debates and discussions

Encourage debates and discussions among thought leaders, experts and engage your event attendees in fruitful training sessions with experts.

Didactic Innovations networking
Engaging networking

Boost engaging digital networking by facilitating learning, collaboration, networking, and community building. Roundtable and themed discussion groups facilitate participants to connect digitally.

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