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End-to-end managed service for virtual events - MEETYOO

End-to-end managed service for virtual events 

Thanks to our many years of experience, we at MEETYOO know exactly what needs to be taken into account to create successful hybrid and digital events. Our MEETYOO Pro platform for virtual events comes as a fully managed service to ensure a carefree event experience. This is how: 

  • A dedicated account manager will support you every step of the way
  • Access to all the technical support - you'll never have to worry about the backend
  • Creative designers that will bring your vision into life
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Experienced and professional virtual event management with MEETYOO Pro

MEETYOO's professional virtual event planning allows you to design and realize the event of your dreams.

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Managed service

MEETYOO's solution for hybrid and virtual events offers you the best digital event toolkit on the market. With more than two decades of experience, we have the necessary digital know-how and skill set, and our track record with large-scale hybrid and virtual events speaks for itself. When you work with us, we make sure we work as a team

Professional project management - Virtual event planning
Professional project management
Our project managers will take care of setting up your virtual event and training your staff while working in close cooperation with you. This way, you will be able to focus completely on designing an event concept and experience so that we can create the perfect environment for your audience. There is no need for you to "touch the backend".
Design management - MEETYOO
Design management
Give us your vision and we will create it. Our dedicated support representative will advise you on the virtual design setups that work best for your specific hybrid or virtual event. 
  • Liaise with designers or design agencies
  • Set up the point-to-click areas
  • Consult you about best practices 
Exhibitor management - MEETYOO
Exhibitor management
Our dedicated support representatives will help you to save on effort and time by: 
  • Liaising with your exhibitors
  • Setting up all the booths and uploading contents
  • Delivering trainings for booth staff and exhibitors
Session management - MEETYOO
Session management
Our designated project manager will also support you all the way for you to offer and enjoy live worry-free live webcasts by:
  • Liaising with your speakers
  • Providing tech support during each webinar
  • Delivering trainings for all speakers and presenters
Customization and personalization - MEETYOO
Customization and personalization
MEETYOO’s virtual events are highly customizable and provide a point-and-click interface with managed service for online conferences, digital expositions and virtual trade fairs targeted at large-scale audiences.
Flexibility and adaptability - MEETYOO
Flexibility and adaptability
Conferences, career fairs, employee meetings – there are basically no limits to the universal applicability of hybrid and virtual events. Flexible configuration and participation options (via computer or smart device) are part of what makes these types of events efficient communication tools.
Global reach - MEETYOO
Global reach
The digitization of your event means that you can expand your reach and gain an audience across different continents.

MEETYOO's virtual event platform supports over 15 languages and can be visited at anytime from anywhere. Participants can freely choose the components of the event they wish to attend – no matter how far apart they are in terms of time or space.

Sustainability and innovation - MEETYOO
Sustainability and innovation
Virtual and hybrid events are your chance to minimize the CO2 emissions of your event. The elimination of travel and housing costs and the reduction of other related costs also result in a positive return on investment. By making an event virtual, you contribute to a sustainable economy. And what is more: All of our virtual events are adaptable and can be updated and reused for future events or follow-ups.
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Premium registration management 

The registration management page and system are one of the most important aspects of any event. With MEEYOO Pro, you can individually set up a customized or template-based registration page to gather all relevant information from your hybrid or virtual event participants. In addition, MEETYOO's virtual event platform allows you to easily integrate external ticketing providers. 

Virtual event planning - ticketing
MEETYOO’s virtual event platform allows event planners and organizers to integrate different kinds of tools and registration software for specific needs. Integrate other software like Stripe as a payment gateway in your registration journey. We work with top participant management partners to easily integrate via our custom API. Our top partners enable you to sell tickets for all kinds of hybrid or virtual events with differentiated setting options and intuitive usability.
  • Control your ticketing processes
  • Design your ticket options
  • Define your fee structures, sales offers, and discounts
  • Increase ticket sales and improve your customer data management
  • Integrate your ticketing and registration management into your event website(s) and channels 
Virtual event planning - tracking
Track which marketing and communication campaigns are bringing in your registrants with our tracking measures integrated into your registration page. Get access to all kinds of analytics to get a better understanding of your visitors as well.

We have worked with the following analytic systems: 

  • Google analytics
  • Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager
  • Google Tag Manager
Virtual event planning - CRM integration
CRM Integration
MEETYOO’s registration page also allows you to use a webhook to send the participant information to the CRM system of your preference once the participant has confirmed a registration. Our webhook can be integrated into many different CRM systems.

4 steps for a successful virtual event

Our team of experts will assist you in finalizing the concept for your virtual event, including support on timelines, duration, and engagement features to add to key areas of your virtual event.

Follow these 4 steps in your planning process to ensure a successful virtual event premiere:

Virtual event design


Customize individual elements and features of the digital interface, and design the virtual environment according to your wishes and imagination. Our experienced 3D designers will support you to ensure an eye-catching and memorable virtual event design and appearance.

Virtual Event Design - MEETYOO
Marketing and promotion

Promote your hybrid or virtual event with clever marketing measures to attract an international audience and grow your participant base. Inform all your potential and registered participants via automated mailing communications about highlights and updates so they do not miss out on the event. With MEETYOO’s registration system, you can set up automatic mail updates to stay in touch with your event participants before, during, and after your virtual event.

Marketing and Promotion - MEETYOO
Quality content

An appropriate content strategy is central to attracting and engaging your target audience. Our experienced project managers will advise you on which types of content suit your different event activities and areas and will support you with training sessions for your booth staff, virtual keynote speakers, and presenters.

Quality Content - MEETYOO
Fine tuning and testing

Countless features and small details transform virtual events into authentic, engaging, and memorable experiences. Our dedicated managers will support you by developing the final virtual event platform based on your requirements and wishes. With our expert personnel training, your team will feel confident and ready for the show.

Fine tunning and testing - MEETYOO
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