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Add fun to your online event

Having fun and entertaining elements is also important for virtual events. Add interactive features and games to your virtual venue and increase the visitor volume to key areas of your digital event. We offer a variety of virtual gamification features.   

  • Quizzes and raffles
  • Virtual event rallies, and scavenger hunts
  • Votes, polls and Q&As 

Digital gamification is vital for virtual event engagement

Making sure entertaining elements take center stage is an important factor of creating memorable online experiences. Virtual event engagement and gamification can help you keep your audience interested and increase the active participation within your virtual venue. Gamification features also offer you valuable data insights and points of reference about the journey and behavior of your event attendees. These elements can be combined with rewards and raffles to motivate exploration of the virtual platform and networking between users and exhibitors.

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Individual achievement badges

Create custom user achievements based on what you want your visitors to do. The animated badges can be delivered 1:1 to the user and can be placed anywhere in the event. Create a wall of fame, add an achievement badge to the profile, or create an overlay that is visible next to the menu bar. This feature is great to guide your users along your event or trigger a certain behavior. 

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Virtual event gamification features 

Add fun and a healthy sense of competition to generate leads that fit your requirements 

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Scavenger hunts

Peak your participants’ curiosity with quests set within your virtual venue. Hide objects and offer clues to make your virtual event visitors explore various areas of your virtual environment. The search encourages competition and dialogue among high score chasers and creates an extra sense of purpose.


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Event rallies

You can award points to participants who complete specific goals within your virtual event. Participants generate scores mirroring their level of engagement. This way, you can encourage competition, gather important data (for lead classification), and measure booth visits, downloads, and other types of interaction.


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Quizzes and raffles

Encourage participation and engagement with a bit of competition and trivia games within your virtual event. You can promote these games by offering a grand prize to the winners. Break the ice with questions related to your event, your organization, or general questions to engage with and retain your visitors' attention.


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Polls and Q&As

Include your audience's comments and opinions with votes and polls. You can use the voting feature for keynotes and live presentations to give viewers a way to contribute to ongoing live discussions. You can also boost talks with polls that offer multiple answer choices to keep viewer engagement strong.


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Lead scoring and virtual leaderboards

A qualitative filter for customers who require a straightforward way to differentiate qualified leads.

Lead Scoring
Lead scoring 
Besides adding interactive and gamified elements to your virtual event, the lead scoring system has many advantages. It helps simplify data processing and follow-up campaigns once the event is over and the reports can be analyzed and assessed. You can use the data to distinguish between highly potential leads (which meet individual customer-specific criteria that have been predefined) and weak leads. This can help you plan follow-up marketing and sales measures.


Virtual leaderboards

Visitors’ high score values are displayed publicly within a list which can be accessed by all participants via their navigation. The virtual high score list resembles arcade Top 10 leaderboards. 

Winner Ranking Podium
Awards, prizes, and charity
You can reward your visitors for interacting with the content of your event, booths, and exhibitors, or for entering a keynote session and networking. While your event participants are chasing the high score, you can generate potential leads and it will only cost you a nice prize item.  High scores can also be tied to charitable donations – you can match the overall amount of points and donate this amount to an organization. This is another great exploration incentive for your participants.
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Attendee behavior analysis
 The lead scoring feature also helps you differentiate the profiles of the attendees of your virtual event. You can better understand the interests of your participants, but most importantly their behavior across the virtual venue. This information is also useful for follow-up events and can be used as a basis for improvements.
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