"Big four" consulting firm showcases thought leadership through branded webinars

Top consulting firm uses MEETYOO Show to a create high-quality branded webcast series

EY uses branded media hub - MEETYOO


The consulting experts needed a branded media hub that seamlessly integrates with the company's look and feel while also being easy to use for their employees to create engaging video presentations.


They used MEETYOO Show to stream webinars and the media hub functionalities to turn their webcast into an ongoing series, building a community, attracting leads, and informing their colleagues.


The whole organization across multiple regions adopted MEETYOO Show and uses it to showcase and build thought leadership on topics around HR, Finance, taxation, and sustainability. The company is a leading source of net-zero initiatives and was thrilled that MEETYOO is net-zero certified.

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E&Y Media Hub - MEETYOO

Top consulting firms are constantly showcasing thought leadership on trending topics relevant to their target audience. In this case, the consultants decided to build a knowledge hub with expert keynotes on human resources, finance, taxation, and sustainability topics. Done with MEETYOO Show managed service solution, it allowed the creation of recurring series and generated leads.

Interested viewers could secure their place in the series via a registration form, which they would use for each event in the series. Automated event emails assured that they didn't forget their appointment and created relevant brand touchpoints, building a topic-based community.

Once the viewer was logged in, they could see an overview of all offered sessions at the branded media library.
Besides making the content available to external partners, the platform also allowed to inform employees, keeping them up-to-date with high-quality content aligned with the company's strategy. MEETYOO Show is easily accessible as participants can take part from anywhere due to the pleasant display on mobile devices. Single-sign-on functionality makes the process easy for all employees.

How to benefit from webstreaming with a branded media hub

EY uses media hub for building a top brand - MEETYOO
Thought Leadership

They presented the Webinar hub as a lecture series focusing on a specific target group and topic relevant to a larger audience. The strategy was to build thought leadership and generate leads.

EY uses media hub for knowledge transfer - MEETYOO
Knowledge transfer

The streaming solution was fully managed by the MEETYOO team which allowed the consultants to focus on high-quality content. Keynotes with Live Q&A sessions in multiple auditoriums allowed efficient knowledge transfer.

EY opimizes keynotes with webcast platform - MEETYOO
Content series optimization

After every session, the consulting lead collected participants' feedback and ideas for further sessions to build a topic-based community and create ongoing relevancy.

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Create high-quality content and collect feedback

MEETYOO Show is a premium webcasting platform that exceeds stability and security needs of a top consulting firm. IT audits allow a deep integration into the company's internal processes. With fully-managed service support, MEETYOO is making sure that everything runs smoothly. The easy-to-use speaker backend allows easy creation of keynotes and displaying of videos.
To make the keynotes more engaging, it is possible to include Q&A and surveys. At the end of the keynote, you can ask the listeners for feedback. Also, as an organizer, you get a report for every session, allowing you to optimize your content over time.

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