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For global enterprises, finding engaging ways to connect employees around the world has always been a challenge. In recent years, the adoption of remote digital work and collaboration has become almost universal, no longer just a solution for global giants, but for small and medium enterprises too. Now more than ever, businesses need to find new ways to share information, create transparency, align goals, and improve networking experiences. With travel restrictions and climate regulations that require efforts to minimize carbon emissions, companies must adopt virtual working practices to be truly resilient and future-proof.


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  • 5 Key Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Employee Event
  • Virtual Employee Events Where Your Company Meets
  • Case Study: New Year’s Reception
  • How to Organize an Engaging Virtual Employee Event
  • How to Improve Employee Engagement

And here you will find 3 out of our 18 Pro Tipps ...


Virtual town hall meetings - no distractions

Dial in on time

Go online 30 minutes before we go live (no short term equipment experiments) ...






Attention span

Peoples’ attention span is shorter than it would be for similar in-person events and the schedule should reflect this ...



Virtual town hall meetings - variety

Plan for variety

The best way to keep your virtual event interesting is to include a wide variety of features ...


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