How SAP Reignited Their Company Camaraderie

SAP annual kickoff was an opportunity to reconnect remote employees in a virtual environment that told an interactive story.

SAP Virtual employee event - MEETYOO

“MEETYOO helped us to realize our challenging vision, and managed to maintain an incredible level of customer service, professionalism, and superior performance.”

— Katerina Jureckova, SAP GFSS Internal Marketing & Communications


SAP wanted to do a virtual kickoff and to connect their colleagues worldwide. They needed to share management messaging, and offer networking opportunities.


SAP developed a custom-design virtual venue that provide a relaxed, celebratory environment with customizable activities that felt fresh.


The Kick-Off effectively connected 1,600 employees from over 75 countries in an interactive and fun way. Cost-efficient and without the need to travel.

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SAP Virtual employee event with DJ - MEETYOO

The Kick Off event was designed to follow the organizers' vision of a creative trek around the world. It was made available to over 1,600 employees from over 75 countries in the web browser with a single sign-on. The event venue was intuitively navigated by click and featured many interactive locations, like a live-DJ Show, an airport, and a mountain camp on Mt. Everest.

Attendees actively participated, engaged in the preparation activities, and networked with remote coworkers in a unique and interactive digital setting.



SAP's needs for their yearly kickoff

Flexible virtual environments - virtual events - MEETYOO
Joyful experience

Amidst management messaging and various agendas, the GFSS team wanted the event to feel more like a party than a conference. Placing attendees on a beachside dance floor with a DJ, in an airport terminal, and at the peak of Mount Everest.

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Learn about strategy

Live webcasts were popular with attendees and ran smoothly for back-end operators, informing the remote workforce about business strategy whilst giving the opportunity to interact through chat, polls, and real-time Q&A.

Sense of belonging

Being able to connect with one another was one of the biggest success for the kickoff event. Individual and Group chats offered employees the opportunity to connect, socialize, and catch up in a relaxed environment.

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