Observations and Inspirations for Virtual Events

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One of MEETYOO’s very own, Lisa Farrell, spoke at PCMA Digitial Event Strategist’s event - The (Digital) Future of Events.

Lisa is a lifelong seller and strategic advisor to her clients. She has a passion for virtual and online events, with 15 years of experience across multiple platforms. Her business superpower is bringing abstract ideas to life and inspiring people to see the possibilities for their own business success.

During the event, she spoke on observations and inspiration for digital events in 2023. Below you can see snippets of her presentation, where she shares her thoughts, ideas, and best practices when it comes to hosting events. 

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Lisa Farrell, Managing Director of North America, MEETYOO

Digital Events Are Not for Everyone

Some individuals are just in-person people and that’s okay. There’s a special kind of energy to meeting people face to face and some people find their power in that. 

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Digital Events Work

Digital events bring connection and conversation. People connect with content, each other, sponsors, and the host all in asynchronous conversation allowing for flexibility. 

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All about the $

Virtual events = Reach = $$

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Can Virtual Events Change the World? I

Virtual events gain more reach which increases the diversity of your audience and makes your event more accessible and inclusive. 

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Can Virtual Events Change the World? II

In-person events cast a large carbon footprint with travel, catering, the venue, and much more. Virtual events are the most sustainable option which helps our planet. 

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Event Execution Strategies

When you have a choice you have power. Listen to Lisa give some of the best tips on creating a strong strategy around your event. 

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A Challenge for Digital Event Professionals

Don’t be complacent. Push your vendors and speakers.

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