The Wonders of a Virtual Twin

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Ideen Expo 2021 Mainhall - MEETYOO
Virtual Twin of the IdeenExpo 2021

Almost everyone is excited to go back to in-person events. Something is thrilling about discovering a new venue, hearing the buzz of the chatter, watching a presenter on stage, and much more. On the other hand, many people don’t want to travel to a conference anymore. We’ve grown more busy and selective with our time, and as event planners, it’s important to keep that in mind.

People haven’t been attending as many in-person events as we hoped this year, as things have opened up again. Event planners are surprised by the low attendance rate which seems to have stalled at 65%, considering the high registration rate of their events. Many players in the industry have decided to have a virtual twin as a solution to this problem and to ease all minds.

What is a virtual twin, you may ask? A virtual twin is an interactive – 3D online recreation of your location. It’s a great way to extend the audience reach and even liveability of your physical event into the virtual world to increase its impact and interaction with the entire audience. 

Adding a virtual twin to your event offers many benefits and flexibility to your audience. It allows you to reach a global audience without the carbon footprint of travel while giving them the choice of how they would like to attend. Your event's online presence can extend your reporting possibilities, allowing you to benchmark your event's success. 

In these cases, the virtual aspect can come in handy in all parts of your event organization. 


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Easy registration and check in

Introducing a virtual platform to your event will facilitate orientation and communication with your registrants. 

MEETYOO virtual event platform provides advanced registration pages and CRM integrations (amongst others). With these features and integrations, you can manage on-site and virtual participants before the event starts. The platform allows you to communicate directly with participants before the event, giving them all the information they may need to have the best experience. The MEETYOO platform experience comes with reminder email templates ready for use. Nurture your visitors into leads by giving them access to exhibitors’ content before the actual event to prepare them and allow them to be time-efficient and prepare questions. 

Bring some creative fun into the virtual twin with the design flexibility of the platform. You can make a 3D replica of your in-person venue or create a completely new concept. If you choose a replica, you can give access to the space before the event to allow attendees to get comfortable with the venue. The creative opportunities with an online presence are endless. 

Exhibitors can utilize their booth presence even before the event starts. They can share their content with interested prospects, inform clients of new information, and allow them to book meetings with the meeting tool to save time during the event. 

During the event

Ideen Expo 2021 Real time in person
In-person IdeenExpo showcasing the Virtual Twin

Expand your event with a smaller budget by creating a virtual twin.
With the online presence, you won’t only double the number of registrations but also guarantee a higher audience rate. By allowing your audience to choose how they want to participate and spend their time, they are more likely to attend and fully engage with the event. 

Managing in-person and online audiences can seem daunting, but the right platform will provide you with the right support. At MEETYOO, we work with you as a team and aim to make your virtual event experience easy and stress-free. Our fully-managed service ensures that you won’t have double the workload while creating a virtual twin. Both on-site and online participants can interact with each other through text & video chats. Bring the networking experience to the next level with matchmaking between all users. With AI-based matchmaking tools, participants will see a ranking of others with similar interests.  

Didactic Innovations networking
Didactic Innovations' Virtual Networking Lounge

The same idea is possible with content matchmaking. The profile information can be used by the matchmaking system to identify which types of content are especially relevant to specific users. This includes all content that is available within any area of the digital event environment. All content types will then be ranked and recommended to the visitors whose interests match up with their content and owners.

Integrate professional studio productions with live video streams from the physical event for your remote audience, so they don’t miss a beat. MEETYOO Show also allows for high-quality remote studio functionalities, providing full A/V production and encoding integrations, allowing your keynotes to present remotely as well. 


hybrid events, in person and online the best of both worlds

Don’t let your event end when the day is over… with the virtual twin, your event can have a longer presence, boosting your return on investment.

Prolong your event by keeping it live online. If your registrants couldn't attend the live event because of conflicting schedules, allow them to revisit the event and still take away all the learnings. This creates interaction and strengthens your community.

With our CRM integration, you can be more intentional with your lead follow-up. The virtual platform allows you to track content downloads and visitor behavior. You will receive a well-rounded data report with all this information to help you optimize your follow-ups and create strong leads. 

Hybrid is the future and provides a solution to many of our event problems. Allow your audience to make their own choices and optimize their time. With a virtual twin, not only will they choose how they want to attend, but they can gain access to the content they need, network with the right people, and allow them to revisit the material again and again. It’s time we plan our events around our audiences’ needs and not the other way around.

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