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La soluzione Premium All-in-One per eventi virtuali e ibridi

Vogliamo portarti a fare un giro a razzo nell'universo MEETYOO. Fidati del meglio - con più di 10 anni di esperienza, troveremo la soluzione migliore per te.


Telefono: +39 02 829 408 88 
Lunedì al Venerdì dalle 8:00 alle 20:00

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Raccomandato da aziende multinazionali


L’Oréal Logo



“The collaboration with MEETYOO was a pioneering experience, rewarding to work on. We enjoyed the team spirit of MEETYOO during the project, from design to delivery. The TA LAB generated positive internal buzz, leading other L’Oréal departments to follow on developing their own online events with MEETYOO.”

L’Oréal TA LAB Representative

Logo dell'Università di Adelaide


“The MEETYOO experience has been so exciting and rewarding to work on. The flexibility from all sides of the business, when it came to creating a virtual event that represented who The University of Adelaide was, made it such a pleasure to be a part of. When you have other departments asking about how to create their own events with MEETYOO, it really shows how successful and effective this first year has been.”

Elizabeth Glenn
University of Adelaide

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“In times when everyone sits alone in their home-offices, MEETYOO helped us to connect, engage, interact and have fun with our employees while sharing important organizational information and driving our business forward. Not only did MEETYOO help us realise our challenging vision, delighting our audience and other stakeholders, but it also managed to maintain an incredible level of customer service, professionalism, and superior performance.”

SAP Services

Federal Foreign Office


“Before 2021, we have always organized our career fairs as physical events – never online. Therefore, we were initially skeptical whether the considerable financial investment for an online fair with MEETYOO would be truly worth it. However, the competent support and project management quickly dispelled our concerns and we are glad that we decided to take this step.”

Karsten Brunke, Representative
German Federal Foreign Office


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